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Summer learning loss has a devastating effect on the kids in our community – especially those who are unable to participate in enriching summer activities. The loss of skills and knowledge during the summer affects all kids – especially under resourced children. In fact, learning loss is accumulative and responsible for more than half of the achievement gap between lower and middle income youth.

To address this critical issue, we at the Boys & Girls Clubs introduced a new program called Summer Brain Gain that has already been developed and tested. It is a fun, interactive learning program designed for summer in the Club. This thematic multi-level curriculum will add engaging, educational activities for all members primarily those Kindergarten through fifth grade.

Since numerous studies show that most youth lose about two months of grade-level equivalency in reading achievement over the summer months, we plan to focus specifically on the reading components of this program.

Club members are enthusiastically attending Brain Gain each afternoon, the program kicked off with over thirty participants and we only expect it to grow from there. This week’s Module was "Team Me”-Members identified qualities that made them unique and special. They considered their relationships with Family members and friends, and they learned different ways to express themselves- both verbally and non-verbally. The week featured the books "A Bad Case of Stripes" and "Ish." Members studied their fingerprints, made a word cloud, a puzzle, painted a community canvas and organized a fashion show among many other individual and group activities.

Lucy Cross with her self image using pointillism.




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